Adjustable Rate.

We are not all in the same place financially, this fact doesn’t make you less deserved to receive a Quality Provider’s Companionship- Don’t settle for less, simply because you can’t  afford it ! My priority is to meet and create as many long lasting mutually Beneficial relationships.  These services should be set at a high standard. We spend extra time and focus on being perfect for you–We take it seriously.

 Get Verified First!  I am more than happy to adjust your rate, You may enjoy premium companionship at

A fair price for you!

Example–I recently met a great guy (a school teacher)  He was fantastic, smart, and sweet- However, as you may know, teacher’s don’t get the pay they deserve- Refusing a date with him because of his personal budget- didn’t seen right. Needless to say, this gentlemen enjoyed a Superb experience at s fraction of the cost  I wouldn’t want to see him get into a bad situation by hiring  the wrong provider– ” C to F ” level provider (which are advertising lowered rates -which he can afford )  Yikes, very scary!

   ~Think you can’t afford it today? I take credit and it is totally confidential~

Beware & Read Carefully If she does not have a (Ter id) The Erotic Review profile (the “Yelp” of  the Adult Entertainment) or the provider does not have a professional Website – have caution.

Here are some reasons NOT  to hire a low end Provider ~

  • 80% are false advertising (not real photos of the provider you will see)  Do your research!
  • She is unattractive ( 80% of photos are stock photos, they have been purchased )
  • They are an agency or “assistant”conducted business –these entities take 30 -50 % of the profits, leaving the provider with little profit for herself,  therefore -leaving you with a less that Superb Experience (she is not being paid well or/and  the time is being watched closely)
  • It’s a scam
  • They are not an escort, they are vice police, undercover investigations occur all the time –this is also why screening is crucial!!  If a provider does not screen you properly or agrees to take you last-minute — BEWARE !!  The likely hood of it being a vice sting is highly probable.
  •  She is being trafficked and/or  is an under-aged child  (felony alert)
  • She arrives with her “owner “or “driver” (possibilities of violence, drug use, and very awkward)
  • She steals or smuggles your valuable belongings.
  • She doesn’t  look like the advertised photos or “Bait and Switch”
  •  She is actively using hard illegal drugs.
  • She doesn’t practice professional behavior or etiquette – therefore sabotaging your privacy.
  • She doesn’t practice safety precautions – I personally wouldn’t touch that!!
  •  She is mentally ill, shady, slow or/and dangerous.
  •  She practices bad hygiene/doesn’t arrive clean, groomed or manicured.
  • She isn’t reliable.
  • She doesn’t arrive on time.
  • She doesn’t complete the service agreed upon.

              ***  Prices are LOW and the QUALITY is down there with it ! 

 If you are well to do fella , the service price is non negotiable and an insult  to negotiate. I can provide Quality Companionship  at a fraction of the cost for select and verified friends only.

— Submit your request via Verification and Reservation Form here  (within the message box please)

                                                         —  Mention this Blog —

I will do my best to adjust readily to Different Conditions you may have.

Don’t compromise Quality, Peace of mind, or Integrity-

Hire a real “A” level professional… (like your truly)  Trust me — it safer to spend the extra buck and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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