Busy lifestyle, stagnant with routines– who’s got time for a conventional relationships anymore. Allow me  to fulfill that missing piece, with a no- strings attached relationship. Do you long the touch of an alluring woman. Do you long the emotional connection of a  beautiful woman can provide. Do you miss having a good laugh with smart and sophisticated woman? A woman who “gets you”? Wait no no longer – I’m just an email away—

Circumstances are tough. Rare to meet a quality woman , that doesn’t  require a commitment. Getting “lucky’ isn’t so easy or safe anymore. With the hustle and bustle of life (both ways) and a decline of  quality people– If you you are fortunate enough to meet  a woman, your attracted to –who you wants to be intimate, then She will require  effort and courting- if you will, and  in the end always commitment . And when you don’t commit, now you have a “gigalo’ reputation.  You are not prepared to do that–  Your too busy with your business and life. And you long quality connection without complications of a conventional relationship–Get what you want without the drama a efforts expected.

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