What does the Deluxe Package include?   3 Sexy hours …

My service is unique. My clients have described the experience as, “being brought back to life”.  With my sensual touch that will bring you to your knees, I want you to feel like the most important and desired man on the planet. True sensuality is rare and a precious gift.

It is important for you to know that you are a human being to me. When it comes to listening. I am open-minded and curious. I encourage clients to replace judgement with curiosity when it comes to their hidden (and often taboo) fantasies.

I thrive on enthusiasm and I’m exited to please you and be intimate with you and let what ever will unfold between us- unfold. You have my word that I will not do anything that I’m not feeling super enthusiastic about. I’m genuine- because I want you to trust that the energy I’m bringing is real. So, you can feel free to ask anything of me- trusting that I’ll say no if I need to, in order to take care of myself. I look forward to the freedom that this can bring to both of us. I would love for us to feel as free and intimate with each other as possible.

I offer a consultation phone call in the days leading up to our appointment, so we can chat about setting intention before anything begins; before any clothing comes off.. it enables me to read your energy moving forward and determines how I navigate our flow. But since we have these precious 3 hours together, I want to be sure that we are both clear about whats most important and where our energy is mostly dedicated.

  I invite you into my world- foran evening of pure bliss.