North and South America l   Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington DC, Manhattan, Boston, Miami , Cuba, Panama , Belize , Cozumel, Galapagos, Patagonia, Peru,  Rio, Chile , Argentina,  Santa Barbara.

Tropical Islands (I’m obsessed with diving in exotic waters) Seychelles Indian Ocean, Tahiti,  Laucala  IslandFiji, Madives, Cebu island, Fernando de Noronha, Amanpulo- Philippines, Varadero, Cayo Largo -Cuba, Turks and Caicos, Mnemba Island Tanzania, St. Barts , Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, Hayman Island ( the Great Barrier Reef) Australia, Hawaii, Cozumel.


Jumping out of a plane is dream of mine. These are some of the places I’d love to land into with you. The view’s are exquisite and so is the dining.

Asia l  Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Komodo Island , Indonesia, Philippines Taiwan, Thailand  ( Basque at the Elephant refuge)

Europe l  London , Paris , Rome,  Oslo, Copenhagen, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, Amerstam, Ibiza, Mikonos,  St Topaz , Malta.

Australia  l  Drive (the Great Barrier Reef) New Zealand

Africa  l  Hop on a real African Safari.


My Tumi bags are packed. Let’s go!!