Etiquette Continued.

  • It is Illegal under the age of 18.
  • PROVIDE REAL ACTUAL LEGAL NAME AND INFORMATION. Automatic decline for false information.
  • Last minute appointments are automatically declined if we have not met. A screening is required for first- time encounters.
  • No correspondence prior to Verification.
  • We do NOT support human trafficking
  • 2 or more reputable escort references are most important for efficient screening. Alternative options are  credit card security deposit or provide photo ID.
  • Deposits for travel and first-timers without references. A strict cancelation policy applies.
  • My safety is my priority.
  • Your discretion is my priority.
  • I may choose to have a brief phone conversation prior to meeting- and is part of verification process.
  • Trust the process
  • Contact when your serious and have a clear understanding of the services only.
  • Pranking , harassment or wasting-time is serious and leads to an automatic IP block.
  • NO soliciting.
  • By appointment only.
  • Phone calls are an interruption.
  • IMPORTANT  Regardless of you positive online profile, great looks, charisma and personality 🙂 ( ie –P411, TER , Date-check or other) Please message me through my website.
  •  Money exchanged is for companionship and time only. Lewd or unlawful messaging during correspondence will be reported,  blocked and/or blacklisted. Do not talk about money or anything that alludes to sexual or illegal acts or make a request for sexual props by phone, email, or text. It may be interpreted as solicitation or an attempt at entrapment–I will be forced to end all communication immediately.

Strict Cancelation Policy

  • 50% fee due for cancelation fee less than 48 hours
  • 100% payment due for cancelations less than 24 hours
  • 25%  REQUIRED deposit for travel and new friends.
  • PayPal requests are discreet and secure.


  •  Valid photo ID must be presented along with the credit card being used.
  • Pay Pal  available for deposits  ( 15% fee)
  • Credit card accepted when we meet (secure and discreet- 15% fee)
  • Cash is preferred.

Screening & Verification.  2 or more Forms of Verification to Consider.

  • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE REFERENCES Send a photo Selfie of yourself holding your valid ID with a post & Today’s date written on it . YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS, AGE  ID # -MUST APPEAR CLEARLY ON THE SELFIE PHOTO.
  • Verification can take up to  7 days, especially if references are involved. My safety is my priority. Private Information collected for screening purposes are discarded after our meet, regardless of whether we meet or not. It is kept confidential. Your data is NOT shared or sold. It is simply used to confirm you are being transparent and safe to meet.
  • Reputable references are most effective for a quick and discreet verification. Two or more valid reputable references are the most superior form of verification. Provide escort reference URL or email. NO PHONE NUMBERS.

The following are the best sources of  On-line verification. Get yourself set up.

See my website links.

  • Make yourself google-able ( name business, contact number, city of residency)
  • Preferred 411
  • RS-AVS
  • Date-Check
  • The Erotic Review


See my travel itinerary for my tour schedule or make a request to tour in your area.

Private request— While in California – A 2 hour minimum for Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo 3 hour minimum,  2 hour for Orange County, 3 hours  for San Diego, 3 hours Palm Springs , 3 hours for San Francisco – 4 hours for Las Vegas.  I will go anywhere for an overnight minimum (14 hours). You may reserve anytime & anywhere for an (14 hours) over night minimum. Available Nationwide. 25% DEPOSITS REQUIRED. Estimated 2  visiting to East Coast per year-  NYC, Miami, and DC, Boston, Chicago, make a request. See travel itinerary for details. I do travel occasionally over seas and I’m passport. Credit card deposit required to hold appointments . Fees may apply for hotel and air. Let’s discuss.


  • Must be verified prior to correspondence
  • Preferred method of correspondence is the Reservation Form, then email only.
  • High profile. Please specify to accommodate superior privacy. You MUST contact me directly. I will  NOT accept 3rd parties or personal assistance bookings.Please be specific to how you prefer I correspond with you, if you have restrictions.  Alias ?  email only ?  text only?  etc.
  • Viber/WhatsAp are intended for easy international messaging.
  • Welcome Q&A via my contact form. I will respond to respectful and valid questions only, however most questions will be covered in my website content. READ IT. Have valid questions ready. It is intended for simple questions and answers and has a limit. You must be verified first- for extensive correspondence.

Reservation Form and Privacy

  • By filling out the reservation/verification request form -you are saying you are serious and would like to proceed for screening (and it is very much appreciated)  It is NOT a contract. It is an email format & is kept confidential. This website is a secured server website and protected from Malware, hacking and other alerts through SiteLock. Your information is handled with respect and kept confidential. Reservation request form is received as an email. Data collected for screening is deleted after after verification, or after we meet and regardless of whether we meet or not. 
  • All personal screening information collected are deleted after 15 days of submitting  your form- Regardless of whether we meet or not. This is for the purpose of maintaining your privacy. You would need to resubmit your request when your ready.

Location & Accommodations

  • Incall  – You are coming to me. ( A location that I have set up ) This may be set up anywhere. Nationwide or Worldwide ( incall is always 3 -5 stars )
  • Outcall – Provider is coming to you, your city  (your residency, hotel, or other)  Califonia, USA, Worldwide. Travel deposits 25% minimum of the total booked request. PayPal

Blacklisting  Providers have Rights too

Blocked calls are not answered. Phone calls are an interruption. Texting after Verification.

  • Abusive, illegal, lewd  messaging will be reported to the industry  and automatic permanent block. Information will be collected and retained for evidence. Wasting time, abusive behavior such a as frequent cancelations or false inquiries, claiming to false reviews will be reported aggressively. Ryan Stone Companion network of providers and industry contacts that will be informed. The community will be alerted. A domino effect. Other providers will view you a risk and unsafe choice and you will be declined. No companion will contract you again. Our Network  of providers industry web masters, consultants, review sites , on line screening entities will be alerted and engaged.

Final Thoughts

Contents of this website may seem demanding – Total satisfaction is guaranteed while following my policies and terms. There are no exception to my policies. You will be in the presence of a rare true quality provider which delivers quality companionship with integrity and satisfaction guaranteed. You will be treated with the upmost respect and as a precious VIP. Please trust the process. Once we have become trusted friends, you may attempt to reserve an appointment the same day.My priority is to gain safe, quality mutually beneficial relationships to gain a long term contacts and real connection.