And more important, Do you enjoy it?

A wholehearted, spine tingly YES. As a couple, I believe that exploration is one of the most important things you could do together  to strengthen your bond and love. If you are going to have an adventure together,why not let it be one of PURE pleasure?  I have been  a unicorn in  various stages of my life were my primary relationship was with a couple. I love getting to have the contrast between male and female in intimate settings. I will ask to communicate directly with each of you  to be sure it is so. As unfortunate as it is, I will  not be party to a couple date in  a “surprise” to one of the couple.  I do require that both of you be in full agreement . I also will need to screen you both.  See couples rate –extra time is needed with 3 .  2 hours required as a minimum. Trust me, we need time to saver.

Women . .  a woman . .  you.  No need to read between the lines with me. No need to wonder if its worth emailing to find out… I want you. I’ve been fortunate enough in  my life to play with women of all sorts and all backgrounds– all women hold a sacred place in my book. Yes–  fun is play is play, but there is always something just a touch  more  intimate about two women together, really bringing one another to depths of pleasure. Verification/ screening is still a must.