Domination for Beginners.

Crave something you’ve never tasted? Remember the perverse, dirty images you joked about in high school. Have you ever thought about doing them? Your not the only one.  I’m here to tame your inner bad boy.

Getting tied up can be alot of fun. If your curious, you don’t have to buy a a zipper mask and go straight to the hardcore BDSM- you can dip you pinky toe into the world of domination with my superb, caring, confident, experienced, sensitive, and slightly bossy attitude

If you have a lot of responsibility in life, there is nothing like turning over the reins to a powerful woman, relinquishing control, and taking a mental vacation. Restrains and other toys are optional for beginners, but I can wrap my red panties loosely around your wrists, and give you gentle suggestions, “Close your eyes please”. And don’t move until tell you. Then tantalize you slowly. Oh .. slowly. I might get you into pleading, gasping, and then go to the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream.

Its always  better to start with less, because  you ask for more when your ready. Maybe you just want to be ordered around, Massage~ Or maybe your ready for an ankle to be tied to the bed post while I do strip tease inches away from you reach. Maybe you need a light birthday spanking with a paddle while you lean over the mattress.

Are you ready for more? What if I tie you loosely (no handcuffs), straddle you, and let a few drops of candle wax hit your chest?

Maybe I will go all in, push you down to the bed, hold your wrists, lean my body weight and grind my hips into you, and gently spread your legs with my knee. “You are mine” Laugh! ~ this stuff is intentionally corny!

Not in the mood for that? What if I lightly run my fingers down your back and nibble~ I can do whatever your comfortable with, as much or as little.

The beautiful thing about a fetish (HCE) session with Ryan Stone is that you can bring your most vulnerable secrets here and not get judged. I’m here because I have a mile high kinky side too. Maybe I’ll tie you up, and make you give me stock tips, while I drink green tea.

These sessions can be exhilarating but also exhausting in a way thats hard to describe. Afterwards, you may want time for tender cuddling and petting. or not.  You get to be cared for anyway you want.

I can also be submissive. Whatever your preference, be sure to ask. If your interested in domination~ Safe words are a must.

Tell me as much detail as you can, what are your fantasies, so I can give you exactly what you need. What are your limits? What are your desires?

Then , flop on the bed, relax and trust me .



~These are sessions between two consenting adults and for companionship only.

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