TRUST. Real truth happens after we meet. . . For those of you who do NOT  practice transparency during the screening process– We KNOW who you are. For those of you who attempt to deceive the screening process, WE KNOW. It results in automatic block or you will NOT be taken seriously. You will need to provide real information that is valid to all screening ports.  I will be asking for the same ID when meetingIf there is a red flag We know  !!! When your not telling the truth. WE KNOW. When the sreening is NOT real realistic  . .  WE KNOW.  Your  wasting your time and mine. Please go elsewhere. There are providers with different standards. Please move on to those providers  and good luck with that. If you want to spend time with a real ( intelligent ) person that values her time and knows her VALUE , then you must respect her smart screening process.  Would you expect anything less from a legitimate business???


Texting before we meet is against Ryan Stone policies. Conversations over the phone are against the policies as well !!! Save it until we meet. If you are truly serious about a long term arrangement then make the Pay Pal payment.  Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. WE will NOT take you seriously until a meet or payment. A small % will do the job. NOT sure yet?? Live on line session are available and simple. Send a Pay Pal payment. Link provided in payments section. Contact me for details.

Payments are discreet.