-I do not provide phone consultations-Please fill out the reservation form first.

For questions -service details are located on this website, please see the TER links and disclaimer for total transparency and a clear understanding. Please do your research prior to contacting me. This website content is written by myself- and is an accurate  and true reflexion of who I am. Do NOT attempt to “get to know me” over the phone.  I may request a short phone call after receiving  your completed reservation for verification. Only contact me when you have a real and clear understanding and are serious. I will ignore or/and  block those who are lewd, or not serious.

I would consider you a “Time-Waster” when–

  • You ask questions that can be answered by reading the site content! 
  • You haven’t reviewed my site content, and you are ready to book.
  • You haven’t an understanding of policies, rates, and proper etiquette — and you break every rule during correspondence.
  • (see etiquette and disclaimer page)
  •  You are a no-show or “flakey” behavior.
  • You have changed the date, and do so frequently- penalty fees apply or a block.
  • You contact me last- minute-then expect to meet NOW. By appointment please.
  •  You attempt to receive a personal consultation over the phone, without first providing me your screening info.
  • Your contact info is false.
  • You cancel with a short notice- 24 hour policy -penalty fees apply
  • You take serious interest and never follow through.
  • We are on a date, and you  break the etiquette rules.  Please honor the rules.
  • If I feel that you are a serial “Time-Waster”, then you will be placed on a  blacklist for the community to view.

When you become labeled as a “Time-Waster”, then I will terminate all further correspondence permanently.

I simply don’t have time for “time-wasters” 🙂

Friends whom value my time and respect the service will be treated like a precious VIP.

The rewards to being a gentlemen are priceless with me. Be assured you will be pleased when you are  NOT a “Time- Waster”

I hope we meet soon,  xoxo