The girl you meet is a dead ringer for the girl in the photos. (she is the girl in the photos) I actually  think her adorable behind is prettier (and not as large) as some of the photographs make it. What you do not know from the website is is that — She has a sweet voice,  nice features in person, thank god  NO  tattoos (to make her look cheap)  honest to goodness nice breasts.  She made me feel  LUCKY . We had sensible and intelligent conversation over  a bottle of Champagne. A gentlemen doesn’t talk, but I will tell you this (readers ) –Everything I asked of her, she joyfully did (or let me do). Many fantasies fulfilled. If you see this lovely divine lady and are disappointed, the problem is you. 

This website has INTEGRITY- for those of you who question it (I did too) DON’T !! It is Ryan’s “Store Front”. Im glad I took the plung . . .I highly recommend Ryan Stone as a trusted companion & already planning our next DeJa Vu . . .

A Dude — East Coast


NOTE. Another Endorsement from a wonderful Fella. We met while I was touring the East Coast Cirquit. Thanks again for writing this personalized review on our brief encounter.  New friends and followers — Don’t wait or wonder about my next my next Tour to your area.I’M ON DEMAND. Just make the request, it’s simple. Tumi bags are packed and  I’m TSA express ready. I’m a free woman , LET’S GO.