Please read this page Carefully -As etiquette and privacy are strictly enforced.

ID check. For my safety, Please be prepared for an valid  ID, Passport or Driver’s License check when we meet. I will ask to verify the information prior to our meeting and I am much obliged to you. Bring you original Credit Card and ID when paying a deposit over the phone.

Handles – Reviews – Whitelist- Discussion Board handles and/or Whitelists and /or your own blog , Facebook, or other social media are not screening methods, these are tools to help me screen and verify you to my satisfaction. Providing me with information will help me to be comfortable in meeting you and greatly appreciated. My reservation form is secure, it is kept completely confidential. I am totally Independent, therefore  I am the only one viewing your personal screening information. All informations collected are deleted after we meet, and regardless of whether we meet or not.

If you are a Celebrity or High Profile, please advise -as I will use Superior privacy etiquette.

If you have restrictions on how  to correspond with you, Please be specific.  I want to respect all personal boundaries, including yours.

What should I call you?