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Written Actual Used  Script  . . . Hope you enjoy this read as much as I enjoyed playing the Part.

The Conquest 

Setting  :  The War of the Stars.

Background  You are not of this world. You are” the Empress  Lea” ( Ryan/ me).  A year ago the Starship Yorkshire made first contact with your planet and its people. Now the Yorkshire has  brought you to earth so that diplomatic relations  can be established between the Federation and your World.

What I Know   I am Admiral “Frankful”( client), the Federations President.. The Captain of the Yorkshires log states that the women of Solom lead their world while the men of Solom willingly submit to their rule. He states, the men of Solom surrender all authority to their female  counterparts because Solomian woman are just, kind, gentle, peaceful , and beautiful . After listening to his log , I am curious and looking forward  to  meeting you. In “First Contact” negotiations , the Federations seeks agreements on trade and culture exchange like art and entertainment. The female aid has requested that our first meet take place in your quarters on the Yorktown Ship. She has explained that it is custom of her world  that such negotiations  occur where the Solomian Empress where she will rest her head for the night. I respect to your customs, I have agreed to this request.

What I Don’t know, But You Do.  Solomian women are the  most sensual creatures in the universe. They are able to lead their men because their skin secretes an addictive aphrodisiac.  A Solomian male is immune only to its biological mother’s essence. So to control their male population, the female makes sure  that each male is addicted to at least three women by the age of fourteen. This called the triad bonding. A Solomian women’s essence is so powerful that her  mere touch will deliver a potent dose of her drug to her subject and begin to addle his mind. First, he will begin to crave continued contact with her skin. He will soon thereafter experience minor emotional discomfort if she breaks physical contact. Next, he will  become mildly smitten as his perspective of her beauty and wisdom become enhanced as her essence begins to take control of his mind.

Once mildly smitten, this temptress will use his dependence on her touch to keep him close. She will whisper in his ear joys of sensual pleasures and as he gives in to her will. Causing  him a need to serve her .

Her Attire. I imagine “the Empress” in flowing outerwear befitting the event that still displays her erotic power. I image something with multiple components, but surprise me.

The Negotiations.  Because she is sensual by nature, the Empress ( Ryan) will not even try  to hide her erotic power, but will initially  speak to” the Admiral” (client)  she will speak to “the Admiral” as a diplomat would speak to an equal. Pleasantries  and acts off hospitality will ensue as she begins to flirt with “the Admiral”(client) . She advises the admiral about her cultural ” Touch Ritual” that must occur while they negotiate. She will explain that this ritual has proven to lead to mutual cooperation and friendship. Having no reason to object , the Admiral will assent. “The Empress’ (Ryan) will begin to feather touch his hands and for arms and encourage him to do the same with her.  With this soothing and pleasurable activity, the negotiations will begin.

What The Empress Expects of the Admiral.  ‘The Admiral” is a diplomat. He will enter negotiations  desiring to build bonds of friendship and establish trade relations with Solom. The Empress know that he will not initially be willing t give her any of the deal points she desires . But after he is exposed to her essence, she is confident that she can bend him to her will; destroy his five pillars and then permanently bond him to her.

Negotiation Strategies. As negotiations  progress , admiral will be conflicted between his loyal  to the Federation his growing feeling for the Empress and his addiction against him. The prospect of ending the touching ritual combined with the absences of her touch will cause him to experience withdrawal symptoms. Expect “the Admiral” ( client) to quickly suggest that maybe continued talk about the issue more is a good step. She will then initiate renewed contact while telling him that he need to talk about and when he can make what she wants come to pass. That will put him on the right path to bend him to her will.

How The Empress  Relationship with  the Admiral will Change.  During negotiations  the Empress’s relationship will gradually change form being  a diplomat equal to being her conquest. Seven so, she will never be harsh toward him. This is because Solom females are truly king, yet sincerely believe that female supremacy is the good and natural order of things. Consequently, they view their conquest to be under the s  benevolent care, like child, or a pet, if you will. 1) a desire to please her ; 2) trust in her good intentions; 3) a conviction that she will take good care of him; 4) a compulsion to seek her approval; and 5 ) a focus on the pursuit of the rewards she has for him if he obeys.

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