I had the great pleasure of meeting Ryan Stone in September 2016. When I saw she was coming to the area. I was impressed with how pretty she looked in her photos so I contacted her and set up a time to meet. When she opened the door to greet me, I was floored with how beautiful she is in person. I was really nervous,  and standing face to face with a lady that could very easily be a model probably made me more and more so happy. She has beautiful eyes, silky soft tan skin, she smelled great, and every inch of her was perfect. She was very easy to talk to and quickly put me at ease.. . We talked about the city (she was in NYC), good places to eat, visit, and local attractions. I’m not going to go into details (as Ryan requested an R rated and tasteful review ) but we spent the next while creating a memory I will never soon forget. If I ever get the chance to see her again. I’ll do it without hesitation. Until then, I will smile every time I think about our time together.