Please provide one or more for verification if you do not have references–It’s simple

  • A selfie of yourself holding your your drivers license ID or passport – and a Post-it with the current date (name, age, adress, ID # must be clearly visible on the selfie photo)  Send in an email, reservation form attachment, or text.
  • An email from your place of  business, and business website URL.  — and photo ID
  • A photo of you business card and Photo ID.
  • Your company website link where you are clearly listed on as an employee, owner , contractor , etc.
  • Specific instructions on how to verify you though contacting your place of work.
  • A 50%deposit along with a photo of your ID

Please note –I value your discretion and your discrepancy needs so please provide special details about about any any specific communication needs you my have. Your personal screening is handles with respect and discretion. Your information is not shared and is kept confidential. Information is deleted after verification- regardless of whether we meet or not.