Quick tips for the First-timer

A few tips for those just getting into the hobby.

  1. Companions  don’t sell sex.
  2. Companions sell time and company.
  3. Companions don’t talk about sex and neither should you!
  4. Leave the money on a table in plain view.
  5. Again, don’t talk about sex.
  6. Have your ID available if the provider wishes to see it.


You need to have anonymous email accounts for the Internet. You can use alliances to protect your anonymity, but eventually we will need to allow the provider to verify who you are. If they provide cannot determine that you are not a vice cop or something else, you are leaving it up to them to not see you, or take a chance on meeting and undesirable client. Show her some trust and respect, she is taking a much our risk as you are.

Tips for Companion Etiquette

In order to enjoy the services of the female companion, you need to learn how to discuss her adult services correctly.  In order to discuss everything intelligently, you need a knowledge. Escorts do not sell sex ! As a matter of fact you can pretty much insure yourself a really bad experience with any provider if you ask her how much it would cost for sex.

Adult companions are like any other woman, if you are nice, clean, respectful, polite, and fun to be with, she will probably like you enough to consider getting closer to you. But you have to do your part first. If you walk into this with expectations, you’re only disappoints and frustrate your self

Leave the donation for her on the dresser. All providers will tell you what they expect in pay, before . Don’t make the provider ask you for money. You will only look like an amateur or a schmuck trying to rip her off!

Don’t talk about Sex!  Period!

Have your ID available, if asked, for The provider to examine if she chooses. If you don’t trust your provider enough to see your ID, then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. Adult companions be so much more comfortable with you and you will have a better experience if you follow this advice.

Lastly, don’t be mean or rude to her, don’t be high on drugs, don’t be drunk, don’t try to rip her off or “short “the donation envelope . If you treat her badly in anyway, not only won’t she ever see you again, she may put you in a bad client list type web sight that warns other providers about you like National Blacklist.com . Then other providers won’t see you  because you’ve been blacklisted.

So, just think of her like any other dates and have fun and be respectful

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