Where did all those panderers go?

They are all active and moved on to other websites — being a participant (whether its intended or not ) is unlawful  Don’t make the mistake. LE is more aggressive than ever. You are sure to land you a hotel room in a jail cell. Do your research, Know you are hiring a legal reputable provider..

This  dilemma involved Human Trafficking and ending  the abuse towards children being forced in unlawful acts and exploitation. We do NOT support human trafficking  ONLY FREE WILL.

Paying a premium for a real reputable provider is really the only safe way to go. And a strong screening process comes along hand in hand  with a REPUTABLE provider. I am protecting you and I. Anything less, you are running the risk of entrapment, vice stings real DO happen. You know you have landed on a REPUTABLE site when she is selective & has a detailed refined screening process.

Thank you respecting my process, once verified -real trust and connection begins. This is were the FUN starts !! Get exited !!

Your investment goes to my time and companionship only.   xoxo Your Ethically Correct Provider