The Erotic Review is the most reputable and trusted review site “Yelp”for the Adult Industry. It was launched in 1999 by David Elms, who came up with the idea after having a bad encounter with a date . He recommended that the average user be 35 to 55 years old with a medium income of $80,000. The site hosted for 90 cities around the world.  David Elms wanted to insure a good experience for the hobbyist. Providers may also review their clients through Whitelist TER, accepting them as”okay”. Ter also puts the provider on the “map”. Reviews do confirm the provider is established and screened- Recent reviews confirm she is actively providing service . Reviews give rough idea of what the provider offers and whether her profile is accurate with details, where she is marketing and how to contact her.


Over all, if  the reviews are consistent with each other ~ that is a good sign of true integrity. Do your research.

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