Yes, there are tons of companions out there. Beware of Backpage and others like it. ( there are many) Your dealing with the bottom of the barrel. Be sure to do you research. Most likely she won’t ask for verification.  And that is a huge RED FLAG. You have a high risk of vice or other privacy and safety issues. Photos are not real~ bait and switch are most commonly practices. Be sure there are TER reviews to back up the provider.

Older mature escorts are a hidden gems. Take a look her reviews to see how accurate her photos are. Older women are excellent providers. They have  a better understanding for satisfying customer service and what a man really wants.  She is wiser usually, smarter and has more life experience along with patience ~ usually less pre madonna and  more enthusiastic  An ,over all,more enjoyable relaxed quality experience.

Ethnic women. While their accents are heavy, with little to english, they will do things that many american woman will not. Do your research prior.