Top 10 Men, Women Fantasize About

Here is my  list of the top 10 men ,women fantasize about.

10. The Pirate
Watching Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp got you thinking , ooh la-la ? Well strap your peg leg on- for some pirates loving. You should probably put aside concerns for things like scurvy and sea-sickness, but if you like it then sure there’s nothing like clinging to a hammock below deck with an all -male crew of murderers and thieves.

9. The Cowboy
You know the saying “save a horse, ride a cowboy? “. This guys got rustic charm all wrapped up in his cowboy hat, Dusty flannel and a wad of chewing tobacco in his lip. Charm down, it’s menthol–wavered and he brought a spit cup.

8. The Movistar
It’s perfect because you already have something in common . You love him, and he loves him, what more do you need?

7. The Younger Boy
Younger guys have the sexual energy of rabbits and can easily go all night long. That’s OK, you’ll just turn off the music and give you and Redbull so you can keep going.

Just watch out for those elbows , because he hasn’t quite  learned  how to properly remove a bra yet. But practice makes perfect, right?

6. The Dangerous Bad Boy
Sure, he probably won’t call you the next day or even remember your name, but when the cops to pick them up and he needs bail money, you’ll be the first person he gets in touch with (a guaranteed reconnection)  and if he has to stay behind bars then you know just where to find him. Can you say ” conjugal visit”?

5. The Musician
He oozes sex appeal on stage, so it’s no wonder you want to take him home. And of course you are more than willing to flash the security guard to get backstage, wait patiently for hours outside his dressing room and share him with 30 other groupies there as well, right?

4.The Foreign Fling
Nothing is sexier than a hot man with an adorable accent- Who cares if you have no idea what he’s actually saying? He might be telling you he hasn’t showered in three days, but in your mind he saying “come stay with me forever”.

3.The Nerd
OK, so before you the only sex he  had was on cyber variety, but you can put those dexterous fingers to good use. And the next day you can look for a mention on his blog dash you’re practically be famous. Don’t lose his number though; when your computer crashes you’ll be glad you played strip “dungeons and dragons” with him.

2. The Older Man
This guys got the sexual experience to peak your interest. So what if he has no idea who Justin Timberlake is and he thinks American Pie is a desert, you can still have fascinating conversations about IRSs and retirement plans. And eating dinner at 4:30pm is much better on the digestive system, plus think of all the deep sleep you’ll catch up when you’re both in bed by 9 o’clock

 1. The Night in Shining Armor
You’ve got a vision of him writing up on his white steed to rescue you from your tower in the castle. It’s a nice image but hopefully you’ve got some time to kill . Armor isn’t exactly the easiest thing to move in so it might be awhile before he manages to dismount his horse and climb the spiral staircase. But once there, he’s he’ll give you some loving, medieval style.

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