Touring means I’m coming to your area- you are not requesting a private visit. Private engagements are specific to your customized needs and some travel minimums are required ( see travel itinerary & terms), as I do cater to Coastal California and occasional East coast visits. My schedule is solid. See my schedule itinerary

Estimated visits in each city are 3 days long with select 3-4 star luxury accommodations. Peace of mind in knowing you will be visiting me for incall in a safe, calm, and private upscale environment. Easy entry and exit access. Great parking. Available for outcall and preferred. However , while on tour you are always welcome to come to me. Ultra discreet, organized and upscale.

After verification, I will be in contact with you to go over details, and scheduling.  While on tour, I may need additional assistance. You may get booked through my touring assistant. You are in good hands.

Rates may vary, see your local advertisement. Hope you catch me while on tour.

Midwest winter Tour ¬†happening NOW. Exited to meet new friends in far places. Welcome this California girl with your State flower and bottle of “bubbly ”

Submit your reservation form now to be prequalified. Touring does require a reservation and screening and only by appointment. My assistance team will be helping me out while I’m on flights or stuck without the net. I will NOT take new friends last minute.

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