Welcome visiting tourists. Visiting the lovely Santa Barbara County for the weekend?  Coming from Los Angeles and need some arm-candy to bop around with ?  Need a Hostess to show you around ? Your private “tour guide.”. Consider me your private concierge butler, if you will-  or a weekend playmate in the lovely Gold coast. A delightful evening spent indoors, at your  private hotel- We can enjoy a night cap together? Fluffy robes and bubbly . . .Let me entertain you -If only for an evening . . .

By appointment please, must be verified first.

Please use Viber and/or Whatsapp for International messaging. We get a lot of foreign tourist.

Hablo español  (un poquito ;-))

I travel to

San Luis Obispo, Morro bay, Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, and and everyplace in between.