Ahh- the trick question. The one that I could fill pages upon pages- it is also the one that no matter how eloquent  I am, you will not believe me or even understand until we embarked on our escapade together. I treat my relationships forged here in the denimonde as exactly that relationships . Thats also a curse word to someone whom traverses this land, yet i couldn’t behave in any other way. There are many layers on how and why I love this world. It’s fun to share my passions . I create a perfect emotional space for you that you may share for yourself. It’s strong, motivating, and the place I eagerly strive to take us to once here with me, it is easy and comfortable to let go of the tediums of life. Your preferences and desires will be meticulously prepared for and met. With me you will never have to think before you speak, nor be constrained. You’l be free with me. I am here to enter your life offering you irresistible  adventure and sensual romance. Invite me in to do so now .

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