I discovered that a lot of people are prone to ask a provider inappropriate questions, not necessarily out of bad will, but rather because of common misconceptions related to adult companions . The main culprit here is the mere idea that since providers are some of the most open – minded people on earth, they don’t care for any kind of boundaries, so people don’t shy away from asking then very personal questions sometimes.

Without further ado here are some questions and statements that providers said they felt uncomfortable with:

  • Where did you get the idea for this name?
  • What is your real name?
  • You must be having daddy issues since you’re doing this job. Were you abuse?
  • Do you realize how demeaning your job is, since you’re being exploited every day?
  • So how old are you?

While the first may be thought of as legitamate , with guys just giving voice to their Mere curiosity, the latter are downright crossing all boundaries. Luckily, most of the guys or gentlemen when they make an appointment with adult companions. Keep in mind ,treating someone right goes a long way.