Either way, make sure you know your ABC’s!  Both have it’s advantages, ultimately if comes down to what you really wanting.

For instance, lets take a look at married guys. Sure, some go the discreet dating route with likes like Ashely Madison or GFE~  more looking for a PSE experience . After all the lust has gone from their relationship years ago.

Single guys who haven’t had a relationship in a while, might want the GFE package. Either way, either way if you can identify what sort of services you want you can easily find a repeat companion.

Whatever you do, don’t get sucked into the pics alone. Be sure to actually read (not look) about their services (read again), in addition to finding reviews on them (read a 3rd time)

PSE is considered more of a fetish. (HCE or High Customized, usually a pricier choice )

Check out The Erotic Review.


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